Baby Falling Asleep

Why are so many people so judgmental?! It’s a very short clip and we all don’t know the context around it or the parents. Geez. I can vividly remember my first child would fall asleep at this age when she was in her high chair in the middle of eating dinner. It only happened a few times because I think she wasn’t sleeping well at night . Almost flat faced into her food. I wish i had videotaped it . It was precious and yes it was funny . No apologies.

To all the hysterical people shaming this mom with claims this baby is being mistreated, please stop. It’s people with your over-protective and judgmental mentality that created oversensitive cry-babies and drama queens who are forever offended, easily brainwashed, need safe places to shield themselves from different opinions, and are so stunted emotionally they will never be able to grow up. It’s like those stories of nurses eating their young.

All I can say is this is adorable!! I have two grown gingers, grown now and over-achieving. Soft spot here, lol. You enjoy that little chunk and let her fall asleep while obviously playing and enjoying life as often as she wants. My kids fell asleep in all sorts of crazy places and predicaments…and my goodness, SURVIVED and THRIVED! For all the negative people..get a hobby, you’re making yourselves out to be the asses that you probably are! Leave this mama alone. Y’all are supposed to be the ‘tolerant’ ones in society, ‘eh?! Y

You have no idea of someones life, experiences, troubles and joys from a small video. Stop being judgemental, overbearing TWs and back off. Pathetic, Thank you so much for bringing so many fond memories of my wee gingers to the fore, mama! keep on doin’ your epic mom thing and makin’ memories!

Protect Yourself Against Bed Bugs

Cities are infested with them thanks to the EPA banning all the good pesticides that worked to get rid of them because birds outside ate bugs outside that had been sprayed outside so hey, lets ban it for inside use as well.

Take 5 minutes to check your hotel room, take 10 minutes to unpack and wash everything when you get home…or spend WEEKS and a thousand dollars fixing it. … It is a nightmare and once you battle it, you can’t sleep for months. It’s better to be prepared and control pest before it’s a serious problem.

They are disgusting bloodsuckers. They feed on human blood and can cause illnesses. They lay eggs and can take a long time and expense to be rid of them. I know someone who is very clean with their home who had to pay $500 for the exterminator plus a new mattress, plus new furniture, new clothes. These monsters rapidly multiply and cause infestation. Not even alcohol can kill bed bugs sometimes.

They can hide in places you’d never find in a motel room. They can hibernate and go without a meal for months so just because you don’t find any they could still be there. They tend to hatch and come out to feed in hot weather. There’s an epidemic of them. They will get in your things. That’s how motels get them. They come in with travelers. Keep your luggage up high. Never put your clothes on the bed or chair etc. If you think you’ve picked up any bugs wash your clothes in hot water and dry on high heat. You can put your luggage in an airtight bag for awhile.

Gettings Kids Their First Shoes

When thinking about kids shoes there was only one place that came to mind for me and that was Clarks. To me, they are a little bit of an institution when it comes to buying kids shoes and I know the quality is great but what I wasn’t expecting was the experience that they gave us. I was a little concerned as it was getting closer and closer to nap time but we decided to just go for it and see how he got on.

We went into Clarks and were greeted pretty promptly by a lovely sales assistant who asked how she could help so I explained about Baby and what we wanted and off she went to get the measuring stuff (sure there is a technical name for it but I don’t know it!!). I stupidly forgot to pack socks for Bubs but the lady very happily went and got some little pop socks that she cut down to pop over his little feet to help her measure his feet and to let him try on the shoes. Baby was so well behaved as he sat on Hubby lap whilst she measured his feet. The Clarks lady was so quick that I don’t think it even gave child a chance to have a moan and it was done so quickly! His feet were a 3G and as I had mentioned when we came in that his little feet were so broad that they didn’t fit into any of the high street brought crib shoes he had, the Clark’s lady said that his feet weren’t that broad in comparison to other babies she’d seen. Was actually reassuring to know that kids didn’t have freakishly fat feet like I thought

One thing that I would really suggest to anyone going back work soon is to take your little one to stay, for a few hours at a time, with whom ever they will be staying with when D day comes. I am very lucky to have family close by so bubbly stays with my Mum and my Mother in law for the 3 days a week that I work and even though he knows them both and sends time at their houses I still took him round a couple of weeks before hand and started to leave him there. It was only for a couple of hours at a time at first but eventually I took him for the whole day and treated it like a test run day for times with getting to work etc. This no only helped Bubba see that even though mummy leaves him, she does come really helped me! I think that I was more bothered about leaving him that Bubba was. Leaving him really helped me to learn to deal with the awful ache in my heart that I felt where I just missed him so god damn much! It showed me that I could leave him, I could spend the day away from him and he would be as happy as Larry and I would be fine. The test runs and leaving Bubba at the Nannies was a huge help and I would seriously suggest trying to arrange something like this with whoever is going to be looking after your child. Make sure to have the best basal thermometer available.

Kids School Zones

Kids running out between vehicles in school zones grinds my gears. Teach your kids how to use a crosswalk. Crosswalks and crossing guards are there for a reason, had two kids run out in front of my vehicle today when I picked my son up at school.

Children’s attention spans are very short and they become easily distracted. Personally I would drift very slowly through school zones once school has let out and take every precaution. Children are just that ….. Children!

Forgot the y on every but I’m pretty sure all parents really grind it into their kids to watch for cars blah blah blah but kids are kids and they seem to ‘forget’ everything their parents tell them believe me I have 5 and that’s the reason I still would NEVER let my kids walk to and from school! Crazy people out there not watching for children while driving

Crazy that they’re not expecting kids ON THE ROAD? A school zone is an area with a slower speed limit, not an area where pedestrians can go wherever whenever, even on the road. Or it may have a little to do with children not knowing and / or following the rules that will help keep them safe. FFS people, yes they’re children but they need to be taught AS children how to stay safe. A reminder NEVER hurts. You don’t just wake up one day and decide it’s time to implement those things when they’re done ‘being kids’ you teach them every day at every opportunity so they have a CHANCE to grow out of being kids one day. Thanks Janine for caring enough to remind people that their kids play a big role in keeping themselves safe, if you arm them with knowledge instead of excuses on why it’s everyone else’s responsibility to look out for them.

Buat Catcha menjadi halaman pembuka

Membuat Catcha menjadi halaman pertama yang muncul ketika Anda menjelajah internet

Anda dapat membuat Catcha sebagai halaman awal browser Anda dan dapatkan informasi terakhir dari dunia maya setiap kali Anda membuka browser internet Anda! Ikuti petunjuk di bawah ini untuk setiap jenis browser. Setelah itu, anda dapat membuka Catcha dengan meng-klik tombol “Home” pada toolbar browser Anda.

Internet Explorer 4.0
Bukalah situs Catcha.
Lalu pada menu “view” di Internet Explorer Anda, klik “Internet Options”.
Klik “Use Current” pada bagian Home Page.
Lalu klik “OK”.

Internet Explorer 4.0 untuk Macintosh
Bukalah situs Catcha.
Klik “Preferences” pada menu “Edit”.
Lalu klik tombol “Home/Search” di kolom sebelah kiri kotak dialog (di bawah bagian “Web Browser”).
Klik “Use Default”.
Klik “OK”.

Netscape Communicator 4.0
Bukalah situs Catcha
Klik “Preferences” pada menu “Edit” Netscape Communicator Anda.
Dari kolom “Category”, pilih menu “Navigator”.
Pada kotak “Home Page”, klik “Use Current Page”.
Klik “OK”.

Internet Explorer 3.0 users
Klik “Options” pada menu “View”.
Setelah itu pilih menu “Navigator”.
Pada bagian “Customise”, ketik pada kotak “Address”.
Klik “OK”.

Netscape Navigator 3.0
Klik “General Preferences” pada menu “Options”.
Klik menu “Appearance”.
Lalu pada bagian “Startup”, pilih menu “Home Page Location” dan ketiklah ke dalam kotak teks di bawahnya.
Klik “OK”.