One vet, who had a 20 year long feud with the rancher, had his livestock seized.Three other vets found the animals to be in ideal shape. I saw the videos of the very animals, on pasture, with calves at side, and they looked as good as anyone could ask.There was not a mark or a limp among the cattle or horses.

Every tiny creatures have right to live. The only thing I feel is, people identified the pain of buffalo just because of the size. I think if ant has to suffer like that, the suffering will be the somewhat same.

To be very down to the earth we so called humans are knows as “all eaters” cause we are designed like that by nature so I think it is quiet impossible for all of the people around the world to be vegetarian but the most necessary thing is we must act against animal violence and Fight against animal rights. Not just violence we must save their homes as well. i feel we humans are unmatched with nature and the consequences may be, we will get eradicate someday.

I don’t understand why people are reacting this way when these are the people who eat buffalo meat. If people would stop killing innocent animals for their taste then nothing like this would happen. I’m a vegetarian and I respect other people’s taste but why posting all these things in internet when you yourself can’t stop eating it.

The HSUS documented uniformed police officers at a cockfighting pit in Kentucky.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has prosecuted multiple cases where drug cartels were running narcotics through cockfighting and dogfighting operations.

Dozens of homicides have occurred at cockfights and dogfights.

Animal Cruelty Bill Passed

Thank you for signing the bill, but we still all need to do our parts as well. More people need to speak up when they witness, suspect, hear about, know about or even think they know about people abusing or mistreating animals in any way at all. There does need to be much stiffer penalties for animal abusers, but we as a community also need to be the voices for the poor abused, forgotten or animals just dumped, roaming around homeless.