Why are so many people so judgmental?! It’s a very short clip and we all don’t know the context around it or the parents. Geez. I can vividly remember my first child would fall asleep at this age when she was in her high chair in the middle of eating dinner. It only happened a few times because I think she wasn’t sleeping well at night . Almost flat faced into her food. I wish i had videotaped it . It was precious and yes it was funny . No apologies.

To all the hysterical people shaming this mom with claims this baby is being mistreated, please stop. It’s people with your over-protective and judgmental mentality that created oversensitive cry-babies and drama queens who are forever offended, easily brainwashed, need safe places to shield themselves from different opinions, and are so stunted emotionally they will never be able to grow up. It’s like those stories of nurses eating their young.

All I can say is this is adorable!! I have two grown gingers, grown now and over-achieving. Soft spot here, lol. You enjoy that little chunk and let her fall asleep while obviously playing and enjoying life as often as she wants. My kids fell asleep in all sorts of crazy places and predicaments…and my goodness, SURVIVED and THRIVED! For all the negative people..get a hobby, you’re making yourselves out to be the asses that you probably are! Leave this mama alone. Y’all are supposed to be the ‘tolerant’ ones in society, ‘eh?! Y

You have no idea of someones life, experiences, troubles and joys from a small video. Stop being judgemental, overbearing TWs and back off. Pathetic, Thank you so much for bringing so many fond memories of my wee gingers to the fore, mama! keep on doin’ your epic mom thing and makin’ memories!