When thinking about kids shoes there was only one place that came to mind for me and that was Clarks. To me, they are a little bit of an institution when it comes to buying kids shoes and I know the quality is great but what I wasn’t expecting was the experience that they gave us. I was a little concerned as it was getting closer and closer to nap time but we decided to just go for it and see how he got on.

We went into Clarks and were greeted pretty promptly by a lovely sales assistant who asked how she could help so I explained about Baby and what we wanted and off she went to get the measuring stuff (sure there is a technical name for it but I don’t know it!!). I stupidly forgot to pack socks for Bubs but the lady very happily went and got some little pop socks that she cut down to pop over his little feet to help her measure his feet and to let him try on the shoes. Baby was so well behaved as he sat on Hubby lap whilst she measured his feet. The Clarks lady was so quick that I don’t think it even gave child a chance to have a moan and it was done so quickly! His feet were a 3G and as I had mentioned when we came in that his little feet were so broad that they didn’t fit into any of the high street brought crib shoes he had, the Clark’s lady said that his feet weren’t that broad in comparison to other babies she’d seen. Was actually reassuring to know that kids didn’t have freakishly fat feet like I thought

One thing that I would really suggest to anyone going back work soon is to take your little one to stay, for a few hours at a time, with whom ever they will be staying with when D day comes. I am very lucky to have family close by so bubbly stays with my Mum and my Mother in law for the 3 days a week that I work and even though he knows them both and sends time at their houses I still took him round a couple of weeks before hand and started to leave him there. It was only for a couple of hours at a time at first but eventually I took him for the whole day and treated it like a test run day for times with getting to work etc. This no only helped Bubba see that even though mummy leaves him, she does come back..it really helped me! I think that I was more bothered about leaving him that Bubba was. Leaving him really helped me to learn to deal with the awful ache in my heart that I felt where I just missed him so god damn much! It showed me that I could leave him, I could spend the day away from him and he would be as happy as Larry and I would be fine. The test runs and leaving Bubba at the Nannies was a huge help and I would seriously suggest trying to arrange something like this with whoever is going to be looking after your child. Make sure to have the best basal thermometer available.