Kids running out between vehicles in school zones grinds my gears. Teach your kids how to use a crosswalk. Crosswalks and crossing guards are there for a reason, had two kids run out in front of my vehicle today when I picked my son up at school.

Children’s attention spans are very short and they become easily distracted. Personally I would drift very slowly through school zones once school has let out and take every precaution. Children are just that ….. Children!

Forgot the y on every but I’m pretty sure all parents really grind it into their kids to watch for cars blah blah blah but kids are kids and they seem to ‘forget’ everything their parents tell them believe me I have 5 and that’s the reason I still would NEVER let my kids walk to and from school! Crazy people out there not watching for children while driving

Crazy that they’re not expecting kids ON THE ROAD? A school zone is an area with a slower speed limit, not an area where pedestrians can go wherever whenever, even on the road. Or it may have a little to do with children not knowing and / or following the rules that will help keep them safe. FFS people, yes they’re children but they need to be taught AS children how to stay safe. A reminder NEVER hurts. You don’t just wake up one day and decide it’s time to implement those things when they’re done ‘being kids’ you teach them every day at every opportunity so they have a CHANCE to grow out of being kids one day. Thanks Janine for caring enough to remind people that their kids play a big role in keeping themselves safe, if you arm them with knowledge instead of excuses on why it’s everyone else’s responsibility to look out for them.