Cities are infested with them thanks to the EPA banning all the good pesticides that worked to get rid of them because birds outside ate bugs outside that had been sprayed outside so hey, lets ban it for inside use as well.

Take 5 minutes to check your hotel room, take 10 minutes to unpack and wash everything when you get home…or spend WEEKS and a thousand dollars fixing it. … It is a nightmare and once you battle it, you can’t sleep for months. It’s better to be prepared and control pest before it’s a serious problem.

They are disgusting bloodsuckers. They feed on human blood and can cause illnesses. They lay eggs and can take a long time and expense to be rid of them. I know someone who is very clean with their home who had to pay $500 for the exterminator plus a new mattress, plus new furniture, new clothes. These monsters rapidly multiply and cause infestation. Not even alcohol can kill bed bugs sometimes.

They can hide in places you’d never find in a motel room. They can hibernate and go without a meal for months so just because you don’t find any they could still be there. They tend to hatch and come out to feed in hot weather. There’s an epidemic of them. They will get in your things. That’s how motels get them. They come in with travelers. Keep your luggage up high. Never put your clothes on the bed or chair etc. If you think you’ve picked up any bugs wash your clothes in hot water and dry on high heat. You can put your luggage in an airtight bag for awhile.